About Us

ATribute to our Father
 F.. is for the Faith you showed when ours were not so strong
 A.. is for the Acceptance you had when we were wrong .
 T.. is for the Tender love you gave when we showed so little to you .
 H.. is for the Healing you brought when ours broken in two .
 E.. is for the Enjoyment for life you shared when we were tired to care .
 R.. is for the Relationship you built when we were unable to share .
 Dad ... thank you for being a father to us ... loving us and being our friend . and thank you for this Experience which learned it to us in this business .
 We love you very much .....
 Some day we will see you again
 To the best father in the world
 Your sons...

Mr/Youssef M. Y. Elshatby
Chairman & Chairman of Egyptian Natural Casings Association
Mr/Sherif M. Y. Elshatby
General Manager
Mr/Fedaa M.Y Elshatby
Sales Manager
Eng/Ahmed M.Y.Elshatby
Import & Export Manager
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